History and Founding Principals

Brad Crawford founded MicroPulse Technologies in 1993 to help growing businesses who were struggling to understand which technologies they needed to be competitive in their markets.   Networking of office computers was just starting to become mainstream and many business owners knew they needed SOMETHING but didn’t want to make the wrong choices.

As an Adviser to the business owner, Brad would inform them of their options so that they could make the best possible decisions for their unique company needs.

When MicroPulse incorporated in 2007, Brad set this as the founding principal for the company, instructing his team to:


“First and Foremost, be an Adviser to your customer and always recommend the BEST solution for THEM, even if it’s not something we sell.”  


With this guiding principle in place, MicroPulse grew quickly (despite a poor economy) and was subsequently named to Inc 5000's list of fastest growing companies in 2013.

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